Empowering Developers

Today, thousands of developers are working on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Open source collaboration is an important channel to keep the technology moving forward. But the potential for technology being used in unintended ways is a cause for concern.

Releasing algorithms, code, or data can mean that developers & researchers must sacrifice control over the application of these artifacts. This can lead to a moral dilemma and harm the dissemination of scientific research. And if used irresponsibly, this can have a impact us all.

Responsible AI Licenses (RAIL) empower developers to restrict the use of their AI technology in order to prevent irresponsible and harmful applications.



How the AI licenses Work


What We Do

We provide both a source code license and an end-user license that developers can include with AI software to restrict its use.

These licenses include clauses for restrictions on the use, reproduction, and distribution of the code for potentially harmful domain applications of the technology. Version 0.1 focuses on four main areas: surveillance, computer-generated media, health care, and criminal justice.

What you Do

Attach the licenses to your source code or provide them as part of your end-user license agreement (EULA). The licenses are here.



...an innovative and novel approach for promoting the responsible use of AI technology.
— Stephen Ibaraki, Venture Capitalist, Futurist, Chairman, Forbes Contributor, IDG IT World Writer, Board Member
...extremely useful in creating further discussion and debate around the topic … the first concrete examples that I am aware of that democratizes the tools to allow individuals and groups to restrict applications of their technology.
— Mary Gray, Microsoft Research and The AI100 Steering Committee
A tool that helps computing professionals ‘respect the work required to produce new ideas, inventions, creative works, and computing artifacts’ as is asked for in Principle 1.5 of the ACM Code of Ethics.
— MARTY J. WOLF, Faculty of Computer Science, Bemidji State University

Get in touch

We want the Responsible AI Licenses (RAIL) to be driven by a community of people who want to help design AI in a responsible and ethical manner. We would love to have your input on future versions of the AI licenses. Please get in touch.